Hey there, what’s up?

I'm Piotr Lewandowski, I'm 🎨 front-end engineer, 🔨 full-stack when needed, a 🐣 duck for other developers - helping them to build right things in right way. Currently based in beautiful Gdańsk, Poland.

Daily, I work at Dynatrace as Senior Software Engineer and Team Captain of Core UI team.
In free time, I'm trainer at infoShare Academy bootcamp. I teach JavaScript, Java, HTTP, Design Patterns and Angular.

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I code

I'm front-end guy, however I started my career from backend environment. And at the moment, I found my niche in developing low-level architecture of Web Applications, barely touching component styling recently.

I'm strict fan of how TypeScript has changed the Web development.

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I speak

I do deep-dive presentations as developer for developer, sharing lesson learned. Internal ones and public on meetups. I tend to avoid conferences though... 20min presentations are not my cup of tea.

Outside of speaking myself. I used to organise meetup for IT students, called `PonadProgram` - helping younglings to be attracted by IT and presenting them how it looks in reality. We worked for 2 years, having 10 topics covered.

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I write

You might find some of my writings published on Medium, inDpeth or dev.to, having more than 100 000 views together. Some of my writing were translated to various languages: English, Polish, Japanese.

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